How the measures are targeted to descriptors of the state of marine environment:


Assessment of pharmaceuticals in the marine area READ MORE
A review of the amount of and changes in dioxin and furan loading that flows via the Kymijoki river into the Baltic Sea READ MORE
A broad-scoped general survey, setting a target and the measures for reducing littering of the marine environment READ MORE
Improve vessel traffic safety with the eNavigation strategy’s Intelligent fairways concept – Älyväylä READ MORE
Reduce the risk of oil spills by improving effectiveness of monitoring STS procedures, i.e. ship-to-ship transfer of oil, in Finland’s territorial waters and by continuing the drafting of a harmonised practice for STS procedures within the framework of the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission – Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) in the Baltic Sea area READ MORE
Draft a development programme for preparedness in the prevention of marine environment disasters READ MORE
Draft a national action plan for the assessment of the ecological impacts of chemical spills in the Baltic READ MORE