Progress of the measures

Implementation started


The pilot projects of the first phase of the Älyväylä project have been implemented. In the programme period 2022–2027, the measure will be continued by gradually introducing new eNavigation services on several fairways.


The need for developing a concept for intelligent fairways is based on the following aspects:

– the navigation safety of merchant shipping fairways leading to ports in relation to changing environmental conditions such as post-glacial rebound, water level variations, flows and ice situation
– demand for higher capacity or transport efficiency of fairways and ports
– the management of the condition of aids to navigation

The project supports the implementation of the eNavigation strategy defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and makes preparations for the provision of the services for shipping envisaged in the strategy in Finland.

In the first phase, the concept of intelligent fairways was developed and studies were carried out on water level data, the switch to the BSCD 2000 height system, the use of a depth model in navigation, the remote monitoring of aids to navigation, condition data and maritime safety bulletins. In the second phase, a pilot version of the intelligent fairway systems was developed, and three pilot projects were carried out (ECDIS/INS navigation system and vessel traffic system (VTS)). Based on the results, the system to be built will be selected, and it is expected to be completed in 2021. After this, the introduction of the new eNavigation services and products will begin and take several years.




Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Finnish Meteorological Institute

Projects to be carried out under the measure

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