Progress of the measures



Finland’s maritime spatial plans were completed in 2020. The conservation objectives for marine protected areas were taken into account in the plans. In addition, information on ecologically significant marine underwater areas in Finland (EMMA) was produced and compiled under the VELMU programme for the needs of marine spatial planning and other experts in the field.


The national implementation of the Directive of maritime spatial plan acknowledges the objectives of environmental protection in the marine areas.

The objectives of establishing protected areas must also be considered during the use and operation of marine areas outside the protected area, so that the operations outside the protected areas do not have an adverse effect on the protected area and its conservation objectives.

The measure:
– The VELMU programme will be continued after 2015 to provide a basis for maritime spatial planning with more precise and comprehensive information about underwater diversity.
– The conservation objectives of protected areas, species and habitats as well as their occurrence are acknowledged when drawing up plans for marine environment.




Ministry of the Environment

Projects to be carried out under the measure

Regional interactive forums for change to promote sustainable blue growth (Planning-3)Toggle
Improving and considering the conservation of marine areas in maritime spatial planning (Status2)Toggle
Source data and coordination project for maritime spatial planning (Planning-1)Toggle
VELMU 2 – the Finnish Inventory Programme for the Underwater Marine EnvironmentToggle
Preparing future scenarios for Finnish marine waters for the purposes of maritime spatial planning (Planning-2)Toggle
As part of Helsinki and Turku’s third Baltic Sea Action Plan 2019–2023, the cities will supplement information on underwater habitats and the indicator biota for the state of the marine ecosystem, produce new spatial information on them (action 72) and extend nature protection sites to ecologically valuable areas in the archipelago and at sea (action 75) (Baltic Sea Challenge).Toggle