How the current measures are targeted to descriptors of the state of marine environment:

Hydrographic conditions

  • Current situation and development needs in the protection of natural habitat types – statutory safeguarding measures (2013)
  • Act on the exclusive economic zone of Finland (Laki Suomen talousvyöhykkeestä 1058/2004)
  • Act on strategic environmental assessment of plans and programmes (Laki viranomaisten suunnitelmien ja ohjelmien ympäristövaikutusten arvioinnista 200/2005, the SEA Act)
  • Act (468/1994, the EIA Act) and Decree (713/2006, the EIA Decree) on Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure
  • Water Act (587/2011)
  • Government decree on water resources management issues (Valtioneuvoston asetus vesitalousasioista 1560/2011)
  • Environmental Protection Act (527/2014) and Decree (713/2014)
  • Government decree (2/2000) implementing the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area
  • Nature Conservation Act (1096/1996) and Decree (160/1997)
  • Water Act (587/2011) as a way of implementing Natura 2000 sites in marine areas
  • Planning wind farm construction (2012) through regional land use plans
  • Guidelines on dredging and deposit operations (2015)
  • VELMU – the Finnish Inventory Programme for the Underwater Marine Environment, 2004–2015
  • Action plan for improving the state of threatened habitat types in Finland (2011)
  • Management plan for the Finnish seal populations in the Baltic Sea (2007)
  • Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Finland for the years 2012–2020, ‘Saving Nature for People’ regarding combating invasive alien species (Government Resolution of 20/12/2006)
  • National Shore Conservation Programme (Government Resolution of 20 December 1990), as part of the protection of habitats
  • Government decision on Finland’s national land use guidelines (30 November 2000)