Toteutus alkanut


Use of LNG (liquefied natural gas) as fuel is cost-effective and for environmental reasons the best solution to meet the sulphur regulations of the MARPOL Convention’s Annex VI. Use of LNG also cuts other harmful emissions as for example oxide and particle emissions of nitrogen. Decreasing the oxide emissions from nitrogen decreases the nitrogen fallout, which causes eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. Even the CO2 emissions of the maritime traffic will be decreased by getting the share of unburned methane emissions under control. Finland has already significantly promoted nationally the use of LNG and building of the necessary infrastructure.

This measure promotes the use of liquefied natural gas i.e. LNG as a fuel used by vessels through the implementation of the national LNG measure programme. It will be secured that the necessary infrastructure required for using LNG as a fuel is built both for the needs of road and maritime traffic.




Ministry of Transport and Communications (LVM) and Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland (TEM) and Ministry of the Environment (YM)

Projects to be carried out under the measure

National maritime LNG programmeToggle
Replacing transport equipment with equipment running on LNG in shipping companiesToggle
Viking Line’s LNG vesselsToggle
The Finnish Border Guard’s hybrid vesselToggle
Hybrid icebreakerToggle
Construction of LNG terminalsToggle