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A management plan was prepared for the European grayling. It identified the main knowledge gaps from the perspective of the management of European grayling populations. The hatchery stock from Iin Krunnit will also produce young fish to supportive fish stocking in the programme period 2022–2027. Work will continue under the measure “Conservation of the European grayling (TPO2022-KALAT2)”.


The aim is to get the small populations within aquaculture to enlarge and to prevail the population, as well as to restock the fish to recover the population along with proper regional fishing regulations and water management measures. The state of the marine grayling stocks is so bad, that other measures are too slow to have an effect. To save the unique stocks of graylings, the genetic material must be preserved and transported into aquaculture in the first place to maintain the stock by supporting restocking until the quality of the environment in the reproduction areas will be improved or the pressures on the stocks removed. Before the regional stockings, it would be good to study the reasons why the natural reproduction is missing in the area. It is also necessary to study possibilities to restore and recover the reproduction areas of graylings. With regional fishing regulations, it is possible to protect the very local stocks in the areas where the grayling still lives, including the stocks which move from the sea to the spawning areas in rivers. At the same time, it must be secured that grayling seedlings are not eaten by the local wild animals. Sufficient water quality must be taken care of in the rivers to which the grayling moves from the sea to spawn (water management measure).


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