Progress of the measures



As part of the measure, a comprehensive assessment was carried out and a report with the title “Rannikkolajien säätelyn tehostamismahdollisuudet ja -tarpeet Suomen rannikolla” (‘Possibilities and need for improving the effectiveness of restrictions that apply to fishing of coastline species on the coast of Finland’, in Finnish) was published. Work will continue in the 2022–2027 programme period under the measure “Definition of good status of and sustainable fishing pressure for coastal fish species (TPO2022-KALAT1)”, which will specify indicators and definitions for good status in more detail for commercial coastal fish species.


Even though the goal is that the perch, pike, burbot, flounder and lamprey stocks stay within safe biological limits so that the age and size distribution of the population reflects a good state of the stock, there is no large-scale information about the state of the stocks in our marine area.

In the first phase of the measure, the state of fish stocks in the coastal area will be assessed for perch, pike, burbot, flounder and lamprey. During the next phase, where it is justifiable on base of assessment, measures will be recognized and implemented to regulate the stock by using regional regulations.

The aim of the measure is also to study the possibilities to utilize other solutions in fishing of pike perch and whitefish than the most used regulations, such as size of the mesh and permitted sizes. Other possible actions could for example be well targeted fishing limitations during the reproductive season, targeted catching limitations connected to catching methods or new solutions connected to selectivity of traps.




Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Projects to be carried out under the measure

Assessment of the possibilities and need for improving the effectiveness of restrictions that apply to fishing of coastline speciesToggle